A famous company that specializes in SI and NI and grew with the Korean IT industry…

barun technology–the leader in 3D image, 4D attraction, and immersive media!

  • Company Overview

Company name : barun technology (www.baruntechnology.com)

CEO: Dong-sup Kim

Major business :

- SI/NI business

- Digital space business

- ITO repair and maintenance business

- 3D Design software

Number of employees : 120

Date of establishment : 1972. 07

Address : 18F Kamco yangjae Tower, 262, Gangnam-Daero,
Gangnam-gu, Seou

Greetings from the CEO

Thank you to all our customers who have always loved and supported barun technology! Since our foundation, we have made continuous efforts for creative innovation, challenging the limits of our capabilities. We have been doing this for the last 50 years in return for the support of our customers.

With our willful spirit, we were able to develop the first Korean data communication modem in 1980. Likewise, this signaled the dawn of Korean ICT, and we thus proceeded to set countless Korean and world records. Currently, we are developing and supplying equipment, solutions and services for the network, ICT, 3-D, and digital space fields

In recognition of these efforts, we received various awards from different fields, such as the USD 20 million export tower prize, the Korea Culture Industry Grand Award, the Director of National Tax Service Award, and the Mayor of Seoul Award. We also had the honor of being selected as an excellent technology enterprise and a promising communication enterprise. All of these would not have been possible without the support of our customers.

True to our promise of continuous innovation, barun technology is currently developing and supplying new products and solutions as we expand our business to new ICT fields, such as ICT convergence, big data, Internet of Things, cloud system, and other related fields.

We firmly believe that all of our products, solutions, and services will contribute to making our industry and daily lives more prosperous and safer. We also believe that our efforts will help create a happy information society. As such, we will make further efforts to provide our customers with upgraded services.

We ask for your invariable support to barun technology as we make preparations to become a hundred year enterprise just before our 50th anniversary.

Thank you.


CEO of barun technology  Dong-sup Kim

barun technology is a famous company that specializes in SI and NI

barun technology grew with the Korean IT industry.

  • History

2016. 11 Global 3D Design Solution Company ‘DASSAULT SYSTEMS’ and ‘SOLID WORKS’ Supply Business
2016. 06 Relocated the head office – 18 amco yangjae Tower, 262, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
2016. 03 Company name changed to BARUN TECHNOLOGY from KDA Corporation
2015. 05 Authorized as a ‘Management Innovation Company’ (MAIN-BIZ)
2015. 03 Took on the network and machine maintenance business of Korea Gas Safety Corporation
2014. 12 Took on the network maintenance business for Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives
2013. 08 Took on an equipment replacing business for all of Nonghyup Bank Branches in Korea
2013. 03 Business expansion to the Eco-Water Treatment
2012. 12 Developed Transparent Digital Display (Multi-layer transparent display)
2012. 08 Took on the database developing business for Korea Creative Content Agency
for 3 years consecutively
2012. 05 Conclusion of a supplying contract with Phoenix publishing & media network company
2012. 03 The world first development of Full HD 3D CCTV
2012. 01 Completed building the education management IT system for Korea National College of
2011. 12 Chairman of Barun technology Corporation Tae-sup Kim won
the ‘2011 Korea Cultural Industries Grand award’, ‘Korea National Brand President Prize’
2011. 03 Company name changed to KDC Corporation from Korea Digital Communications Corporation
Acquired license for special number 4 business MVNO(Mobile Virtual Network Operator) from the
Korea Communications Commission
2010. 12 Received USD 20 million export tower prize during the trade day ceremony hosted by
the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2010. 03 Took over Barun Electronics and incorporated it as an affiliate
2009. 07 Invested in the establishment of Real Scope Co., Ltd. and incorporated it as an affiliate
2008. 11 Incorporated Digital Cube as an affiliate (acquired 19.57% of the shares)
2008. 09 Merger of KDC affiliates, Telson, and Digital Cube
2007. 07 Extended 3D LCD module connector and high-density clean room
(inside the previous Telson plant at 111, Yeocheon-ri, Ochang-eup, Cheongwon-gun, Chungbuk Province)
2007. 06 Head office moved to the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th floor of the Seoul Facilities Management Corporation, 527-6, Majang-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
2007. 05 Company type changed based on the expiration of venture company validity
(venture company -> general company)
2007. 04 Decided to acquire the stocks and investment certificate of other companies
354,889 stocks of Master Image (22.8% shares)
2006. 07 Satellite DMB terminal supply contract with Haier Korea and DigiFriends
Invested in the establishment of NFX Media and incorporated it as an affiliate
Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) international Internet phone service
New Media Biz (DMB and IPTV)
Developed next generation visual device (3D) and started its business
Published the first issue of “Korea IT Times,” a monthly English IT magazine, for the first time in Korea. Also set up a sisterhood relationship with Hankook Ilbo’s Korea Times
HDD supply contract with Western Digital (US) on an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) basis
2006. 06 Incorporated Telson T & T as an affiliate
(Established the annual production line for 5 million mobile terminals)
2006. 03 KT Managed Service business and virtual private network (VPN) consulting
2006. 01 19 3D LCD module supply contract with Good Day Game
IP Scan Server supply contract with the Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK)
2005. 12 Developed mini-sized no-glass 3-D panel for the first time in the world and established an annual mass-production line for 1 million panels
2005. 03 Korea Digital Communications Corp. developed outer mounted digital
media broadcasting (DMB) receiver
2005. 01 Korea Digital Communications Corp made sole agency contract for data network devices
with Alcatel (LOI)
DMB Plus agreed to participate in terrestrial DMB business in China
Acquired TL9000 certification for QuEST Forum international quality management system specifications
2004. 12 Acquired TL9000 for the Korea Productivity Center network advancement project
2004. 11 Korea Digital Communications Corp made supply and channel contract with Netscaler (US)
2004. 10 Launched IT integrated solution Infranger v.20
2004. 07 Line concentrator supply contract for Powercom subscribers
2004. 04 KT Metro rental business
2004. 03 Constructed a wireless campus network for Incheon National University
2003. 09 Received an order for the WAN advancement project for Kyobo Life Insurance’s head
and branch offices
2003. 06 Completed NH (regional NH), the 3rd communication network improvement project
2003. 03 Completed the KTNET WAN advancement project
2003. 01 Constructed Seoul’s ultrahigh-speed network management center
2002. 09 Now constructing phase 5 LAN for Korea Coast Guard
2002. 02 Launched InfRanger, a Korean-type integrated computer resources management system
2001. 12 Constructed the E1 RTU system for Korea Telecom
2001. 11 Constructed a next-generation metro network for Powercom
2001. 09 Opened N’care, a 24/7 general situation room
2001. 06 Established a local administrative information network circuit integration device supply
contract with the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs Selected as an excellent
technology enterprise and won an award from the Korea Technology Finance Corporation
2001. 05 Korea Expressway Corporation WAN construction contract
2001. 04 Korea Telecom ultrahigh-speed national network emergency quantity contract
2001. 03Korea Racing Association online communication multiplex equipment contract
KDC Technologies spin-off
2001. 02 Korea Telecom ultra high-speed national network phase 2’s 3rd year project contract
2001. 01 Constructed the Incheon Office of Education portal site
2000. 10 Developed Mobile IP server
2000. 07 Strategic alliance with Roonets for cyber hotel network business
Selected as the sole distributor for HP Unix system A-Class
2000. 06 Developed an IP/VPN solution and Internet broadcasting solution
2000. 05 KT MPLS VPN rental and repair and maintenance business
2000. 05 Partnership with KT for Frame Relay/ATM router joint marketing
2000. 04 Strategic alliance with NOKIA for WAP solution
ISO 9001 certification
2000. 03 Contract with Korea Telecom for the Kornet network router public marketing
Strategic alliance for the foreign export of CDMA wireless modem card for notebooks
1999. 09 Developed the ATM E1/T1 Router
1999. 07 Strategic alliance with ADC Telecommunications (US) for SDU development
1999. 06 Developed the FTTH equipment (MAIN) jointly with ETRI
(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
1999. 03 KT Kornet network rental business
1999. 04 Advanced to special communications business (office communications business)
1999. 03 KT Kornet network rental business
1998. 10 Launched the integrated IT solution Infranger v.20
1998. 09 Developed an ATM Router
1998. 07 Developed a wireless LAN system
1998. 05 Developed RAS
1998. 04 Developed the first ATM LAN Edge Switch in Korea jointly with ETRI
1997. 11 Taps network management program received an award from the Prime Minister
1996. 08 Listed in KOSDAQ(Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation)
for the first time in Korea
1995. 02 First Korean supplier of the Frame Relay switchboard to the financial market
1992. 10 KEPCO integrated the X.25 packet network construction
1992. 03 Award from the Director of the National Tax Service
1991. 12 First Korean developer of the Multiport Modem
1991. 06 Incorporated as the Korea Digital Communications Corporation
1990. 10 Award from the Director General of National Police in recognition of its contribution
to police administration development
1990. 09 Constructed an IT network for Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
1990. 05 Acquired GD (God Design) mark from DACOM(Data Communications Corp. of Korea)
1990. 04 Award from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Director (Seoul administration network)
1989. 10 Selected as a promising enterprise by the Ministry of Information and Communication,
Korea Telecom and ETRI
1989. 02 Established the Korea Cardcom as a subsidiary
1988. 08 Participated in the education administrative network project hosted by KAIST
(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
1988. 06 Participated in DACOM DLS network construction project
1988. 03 Presidential award
1987. 11 Award from the Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City
1987. 10 Participated in the VAN(VAN Added Network) project for the first time in Korea
1986. 12 Developed a card reader for a card-type public telephone
1986. 06 Selected as a promising communication enterprise by the Ministry of Information
and Communication
1985. 12 Independent development and production of 2,400 bps dial-up modem
1985. 08 Developed a Data Control Unit for the first time in Korea
1985. 03 Acquired Level 1 telecommunication business license
1983. 03 First to develop and produce the Multiplexer in Korea
1980. 10 Received an award from the Minister of Home Affairs in recognition of the contribution
to data communications facility operation
1980. 09 Developed 1,200 bps modem
1976. 10 Technological partnership with Timeplex (U.S.)
1973. 01 Established an affiliated technology research institute
1972. 08 Supplied a modem as the first domestic data communication enterprise
Technological partnership and sole agent contract with ICC, the former Racal-Milgo (US)
1972. 07 Established as a KDC Company

With the encouragement and support of our customers,
we had the honor of receiving various awards from
the different fields of the Korean society.

  • History of Awards

2010 ~ present



Letter of appreciation form SOOKMYUNG girl’s middle school principal

Letter of appreciation form CHEONGDAM middle school principal

The army 3537 force commander citation

Letter of appreciation from Reserve Officers Training Corps Leader of SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY



Grand prize of ‘A happy medium sized business and management’Minister of the Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy

Achievement award of The Federation of Korean Industries


Achievement award of the 3D film festival from United States

Award the Korea National Brand Committee president prize


Receive 200Million Export Tower Award at the 47th Trade day Celebration

The prime minister’s achievement award for developing 3D images

Export Tower Award of IBK

Receive a new prominent award At China Electronic Fair (3D world forum)

2000 ~ 2009



Received a IT Renovation Prize of Korea

Received an Ministry of knowledge, Economy award


Won a Best Business Creation from China Chunghwa University 4th Business Competition

Received an Award of Superiority Technology Company

Received an Achievement Award of Information day

Before 2000



Received an Award from the Director of the Office of National Tax Administration


Received an Award for Development of Police Administration from the General Director of the National Police.

Received an Award from Seoul Police Commissioner


Selected as Prominent Business from The Ministry of Communication, Korea Telecom, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute


Received an Award from President of Korea


Received an Award from The mayor of Seoul

We want to become your good partner.

barun technology grew out of the attention given by our customers. We are always happy to receive a call from you.

Head Office

  • TEL: +82 2 3459 0500

  • FAX: +82 2 565 5169

Technical support/ Customer support

  • TEL: +82 2 3459 0555

  • FAX: +82 2 569 5160

  • E-MAIL: help@kdccorp.co.kr

How to get to our office

  • By subway: Line 3, Exit 3 of Yangjae Station

  • By bus:
    • Bangbang-intersection
    - Blue Bus : N37, 140, 402, 407, 408, 421, 440, 441, 462, 470, 471, 541, 641
    - Red Bus : 9404, 9408, 9503, 9711
    • Yeongdong Middle School
    - Green Bus : 312, 3412, 4319, 4412, 4432